About us

Welcome to Pottery Forms Europe. We are established in Breda in the south of The Netherlands. Our main goals are to develop and manufacture forms that can be used by potters and ceramists to make dinnerware, serving platters and bowls.


Sustainable Good Quality!


Our forms are cut and bevelled high quality fiber boards which makes them of Sustainable Good Quality when following the instructions of cleaning and storage. We are offering at very sharp prices!

Some of our forms can be stacked, this will give you the opportunity that will gove you multiple design possibilities with just a few forms. We garantee that in the future we will keep investing in new developments, innovations and applications.


All of our prices are inclusive VAT - For non EU Countries the VAT will be reduced at the check-out of your order.
Shipping costs will also be calculated at check out.

Many ceramists have been making amazing creations by using pottery forms, check this out by clicking on your favorite social media platform icon or sign up for our mailing list to get information on promotions and new developments.


If you have direct questions please email us at: info@potteryformseurope.com

You can visit our site at appointment, contact us via email or call +31 (0) 653843729


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Our prices are including VAT - for NON EU countries the VAT and transport costs will be (re)calculated at the checkout of your order