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Behind KEO ceramics Instagram profile you’ll find a self-taught ceramasist from
Denmark by the name Trine Bensen
She shares all the knowledge that she has picked up along the way.
She aims on making it easier for you and others to get started with making your own ceramics and wants to help you learn!

Other potters are often a bid secretive about their techniques, materials, glazes and tools used to create their art and while that is totally understandable, then she has chosen a completely different approach!

Trines goal is to spread creativity and therefore you will be let in on how to duplicate her designs. She teaches you how to use our pottery forms, how to glaze, how to throw on the wheel etc.

She also share links to the suppliers she uses, so that it is easy for you to get started, if you get inspired and wish to try it yourself.

Recently she started a YouTube channel and a Patreon profile were you can follow her work.

On her different channels you will see Trine “demystifying” the world of making your own pottery.

In the near future she will also launch here website, where you will be able to get access to online pottery classes.
Furthermore she will release a shop updated once or twice a year where you will be able to get your hands on the work she creates while teaching others ♥




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